West Hill Primary School

W R Davies Toyota partner with West Hill Primary School to create a “Forest School” Campaign.

The Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow with support from Toyota Financial Services provides grants to Toyota Centres’ involvement in community initiatives.

W R Davies Toyota with centres in Stafford, Telford & Shrewsbury have been actively looking to build strong relationships within our local area. What better way to achieve this than to take an active role in our local community by using the Toyota Fund for a Better Tomorrow to support West Hill Primary School. 

The West Hill Primary school has been awarded £1,700 to support their “Forest School” project. To create and develop their current garden into a forest school, engaging children with experiences of woodland areas and green spaces, to help improve their confidence and self-esteem. The fund will also be put towards tools and equipment needed to create this amazing space. 

Johnathan Davies, said “he was incredibly encouraged to see how local schools are involved in such a relevant topic in a simple way to get all the staff and other children at the school involved. It's incredibly important to W R Davies Toyota to see the encouragement of teaching about the environment and its impact. It is great to see such an environmentally conscious the school's staff and children are at such a young age.”

Deputy Head Teacher Miss Elizabeth Lloyd has coordinated the application and the development of the project. Through our ongoing partnership, the overall target for the forest school would be to give children the access to an outdoor classroom. Research now backs up that children and young people are stimulated by the outdoors.

 “We are delighted to announce that our partnership with the W R Davies Toyota.” The project will commence at the start of the new school year in September, with completion aimed for July 2018. It will demonstrate the impact of our community & environment and how it affects the children and their lifestyle, both now and in the future”.

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